Email Deliverability - Reputation Score key component of deliverability


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Have you ever wondered whether your email ever gets delivered to your clients? Are subject titles, sender email addresses or avoidance of spam-related keywords the only factors in email deliverability, or is it something that your Email Service Provider (ESP) preach to avoid one topic which they can't answer: What is their reputation score of their email platform?

Reputation score works just like credit scoring. It indicates the trustworthiness of where the email came from. It is probably the top most important element to consider when choosing your ESP, to ensure that your email gets delivered in order for your campaign messaging to reach your target audience. Most of the time, ESPs will tell you that 99% of your emails will get delivered but the truth is that globally, only about 5.45% of ESPs can say that they have an average deliverability rate of 95%. In Asia, the average sender score is 20, according to a study by Return Path Sender Score Benchmark Report 2012. 

Global_Sender_Score_DistributionSource: Global Sender Score Distribution, ReturnPath, 2012

Sender_Score_BandsSource: Sender Score Bands and Average Delivered, ReturnPath, 2012

Over at GSI, our Email Marketing Platform, GSI Blast, has a SenderScore of 97, which places us in the Top 5% in the world, according to the above report. A separate test with Cisco SenderBase Reputation Score also rates GSI Blast as Good, the highest ranking possible. 

GSI Blast_Reputation_ScoreGSI Reputation Score Rating by

Having powered 25m emails in the past 2 years, we continue to invest in our platform to ensure optimal deliverability rate, and also study the analytics to ensure best practices are being adopted by our clients in their email campaigns. 

Our best practice eBook will be out next month so keep a lookout for it as we continue to partner our clients in implementing successful email marketing campaigns.