GSI EMS 善赢的活动管理系统



The GSI EMS is a robust Event Management System built to handle the whole process of complex online registration to meet your event's requirements.


GSI EMS Overview


Online Registration Forms

GSI EMS platform excels in deploying online registration forms ranging from the simple RSVP form to the very complex online forms with lots of business logic. GSI online registration platform has been built from ground up to be flexible and yet powerful and secure. Here are some typical use cases of GSI's online registration forms:

  • Guest RSVP
  • Conference Delegate Registration
  • Exhibitor Registration
  • Exhibition Visitor Registration
  • Call-for-Papers Submission
  • Course Registration
  • And more....

Group Registration

  • Ability to register as a group
  • Ability to give discounts when registering a certain number of delegates

Group Registration


Submission of Documents & Images

  • Support for submission of documents and images in online registration form. Eg:
    • Pictures for ID purposes
    • PDF or Word document of speaker profile
  • Ability to manage files, and view pictures straight in reports

Submission of files


Automatic Calculation of Payment

  • Support for complex payment calculation
  • Support for various types of discounts
    • Early bird
    • Membership discounts
    • Low-income countries discounts
    • And many more…
  • Support for charging of add-ons

Automatic Calculation of Payment


Online Payment Integration

  • Ability to integrate online payment for paying events
  • Online registration site hosted on secure site
    • Use of SSL
  • Support for Credit Card Payment via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
  • Support for multitude of payment gateways
    • ENets
    • WorldPay
    • AsiaPay
    • E-Clearing
    • Paypal
    • And more…

Online Payment


Management of Guests/Delegates Registrations

The real power of GSI EMS comes in the ease with which Guests'/Delegates' data can be managed. The Registration Management module is just like having a centralized version of Excel online. You can:

  • View a listing of the registrations
  • Set filters on columns
  • Sort by any column
  • Reorder columns
  • Search on 1 or more columns
  • Double-click to Instant-Edit information

Now, if you still prefer to work on Excel, GSI EMS allows you to simply export and eventually import back data to and from Excel with 1 click.


Accounting System

  • Accounting module (optional)
  • Keeping track of:
    • Invoices
    • Credit Notes
    • Receipts
  • Generation of uneditable PDF invoices, credit notes and receipts
  • Automatic emailing out of PDF documents as attachments
  • Tracking of payments
  • Integration with legacy accounting systems


Barcode in Confirmation Emails

  • Inclusion of barcode in confirmation email
  • Facilitation of onsite registration process
    • (Checking in a participant is a matter of scanning a printed email)

Barcode in Confirmation Emails


Comprehensive Reporting System

The true value of a good EMS system is in the reporting system. And GSI EMS truly delivers here. The powerful reporting engine allows simple and complex reports to be built easily. As such, you as an event manager can expect various types of reports to be generated at 1 click.

Examples of reports include:

  • Guest Listing by Name
  • RSVP Status Summary by Category
  • Carpark Allocation Summary
  • Dietary Requirements Summary
  • Attendance Status Summary

All reports generated can then be exported to Word, PDF or Excel, for further analysis.