January 2013

Facebook for Event Marketers - Facebook Graph Search "Live"


A week back, I posted on our blog page on the Beta launch of Facebook Graph Search. I then joined the queue to be on their Beta launch and this morning, Facebook Graph Search was made available to me! Boom! So what can Event Marketers expect from this?

Facebook Graph Search - What it means to Event Marketers


Graph Search by Facebook was announced this week during a media event. It is an important step in the area of social search versus what is available in the search market dominated by players like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. But was interesting to me is what it potentially can offer to Event Marketers out there in the world.

(Update: Facebook Graph Search is now "Live" - Find out how it works http://www.globalsignin.com/blog/facebook-event-marketers-facebook-graph...)

Linkedin 200m milestone - What it means to Event Marketers


Linkedin announce yesterday that it has reached the 200m milestone. What is more interesting to me and for Event Marketers in Asia, is the rate of growth in Asia.

Website Security - What to look out for (Infographic)


The team recently had some discussions with clients who are getting more cognisant of the fact that website security is something not to ignore, and we were brought in to advise some clients on the key aspects to look out for in terms of website security.