March 2013

GSI Win at Mob-Ex Mobile Marketing Excellence Award Opens a New Chapter in our History


Our first ever awards submission. Our first awards nominations. And, our first ever awards win. This marks a new chapter in GSI’s history as an event technology innovator.

RIP Google Reader - Moving to Flipboard to monitor Event News Update


Yesterday, Google announce as part of their "spring cleaning exercise" to cease the Google Reader service, effective 1st July 2013. For RSS users and fans who use this to monitor news updates such as Event updates, this is a sad day for us. For me, I've already moved on and started to use Flipboard for my Event news updates.

Mob-Ex Finalists Nomination a Vindication of our Belief in Innovation


When we  first started (GSI) almost 7 years ago, our belief was always that innovation should be the heartbeat of the company, where event experience can be complemented with technology, on top of the human touch. 7 years on, my belief is vindicated by our first ever attempt to submit our solutions for consideration of an Award, in this case, Mob-Ex Singapore.