July 2013

5 Myths about Google SEO that you should know

Often as digital marketers, we spend a lot of consideration when trying to implement the best practices for SEO to get ourselves ranked favourably for the keywords. But are all practices really applicable? In this blog post, we dispel 5 myths about SEO (in relation to Google) that you should know about, to help you being more focused on your SEO efforts.


作为一个电子营销公司,我们花费很多精力来考虑,如何利用最佳的搜索引擎来优化 自己的关键字排名。但是您所用的方法真的合适有效吗?在这篇博客中,我们否定了您可能了解的关于搜索引擎(与谷歌有关)的5大神话,这样便于您更专注于您需要的搜索优化。

Linkedin in numbers – What you should know


As social media communities continue to grow, we take a focused look at the leading B2B social community, Linkedin, and what does the numbers look like globally and in Asia, and a detailed drill-down of the numbers in Singapore.