August 2013

Responsive Web Design: What you should know


26.6% of web usage in Asia comes from mobile devices, but is your website ready to offer a ubiquitous experience to these users regardless of screen size? We interview our Creative Director, Jonathan to know more about responsive web design.




Anatomy of an Email – Where do users click?


Have you ever monitored which text link or banner contributes the most to your email click-through rate? If you have not, you should read this blog. You might be surprised that the most simple and traditional naming convention of text links works best than your most beautifully crafted title text.




Facebook Ads for Events – What you need to know


Facebook ads, by and large, has been around for years but in Asia, its utilization rate and awareness level is still pretty low. For the Events industry, I have not seen an active Facebook campaign except for Concerts. So what would you, as an Event or Enterprise Marketer, need to know about Facebook Ads? Here, we list down 4 simple but important things to know about Facebook Ads.




5 things that you should know about Linkedin Ads for Events


Linkedin recently launch their Sponsored update as part of the advertising options that Content Marketers could use. This is in addition to their current advertising options. So what are the 5 things that Event or Enterprise Marketers should know about Linkedin Ads?