Event Website – Is SEO really important?


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A couple of weeks ago, I shared about the 5 common mistakes that marketers make for event websites, some of which are linked to SEO.  I subsequently received some queries from clients and friends who read the blog. Is SEO really important for event websites? Doesn’t event organisers or marketers relying on their own database to market their events?

So to put into context, I did a sampling of our analytics data to derive the importance of search relating to event websites. This is what I got. 

Event Websites - Traffic Sources

Based on a sample of more than 350,000 web visitors who went to an event website (for paid events), 52.2% of traffic is derived from Search. And 100% of this sample are organic, as none of the event organisers sampled did a paid search campaign. So if we assume that the event ticket sales correspond directly to the web traffic, that means to say that half of your ticket sales is dependent on SEO. Even if the online factor is halved, SEO still contributes at least a quarter of overall ticket sales.

So is SEO important for event websites? My guess is as good as yours.