Facebook Ads for Events – What you need to know


Facebook ads, by and large, has been around for years but in Asia, its utilization rate and awareness level is still pretty low. For the Events industry, I have not seen an active Facebook campaign except for Concerts. So what would you, as an Event or Enterprise Marketer, need to know about Facebook Ads? Here, we list down 4 simple but important things to know about Facebook Ads.


Pre-requisite – Create a Page 

For you to start creating a Facebook Ad, first of all, you need to create a page, which could fall into any of the below categories

Facebook Page Categories 

Creating a Page is the easy part so you need to start thinking of allocating resource to maintain the conversations and content before you embark on this.

Create an Audience

This would be the interesting part. Facebook has multiple broad categories, of which there are sub-categories under each broad category. It would take you a while to familiarize with it but once you are, subsequent campaigns should be a breeze for you.

 Facebook Ads

Facebook vs Linkedin 

Facebook works differently from Linkedin in terms of declining CPC as you get more targeted traffic. For example, if you purely target the whole Singapore population on Facebook aged 25-45, your estimated CPC will be about US$0.33 targeting 1.8m members. But if you streamline to target just Small Business Owners in the same age-group in Singapore, your CPC drops to US$0.30 targeting 56,000 members. So it is to your advantage to be more targeted in your Facebook Ads so that you enjoy cost savings while being more targeted in your advertising campaign.


ROI of Facebook in Asia vs USA/ Europe

As facebook ads is still generally untapped in Asia, the cost of ads is pretty attractive for an Event or Enterprise Marketer.  For example, if I have an ad targeting Event Planners in Singapore vs USA, the estimated CPC is US$0.29 vs US$0.45. The number goes even lower for countries like Philippines, which can go to as low as US$0.05 CPC. 

There are other tips and tricks that you should know about using Facebook for Events, as shared by our guest blogger back in May, so have a read if you have time. Also check out our blog on Linkedin Ads, before you decide which is the more appropriate social media advertising platform for you.


Need to plan out a social media strategy for your events? Feel free to talk to us. We’ll be happy to help.