Meetings Management – It’s the time of the year again!


Global Corporate Meetings Management. It’s the time of the year again when a lot of our corporate clients are planning their annual kickoff event. While it’s an exciting time for the corporate meeting attendees as they get together with their colleagues from all over the world, it’s also a stressful time for the event organisers as they deal with hundreds or thousands of colleagues flying in from all over the world to a central meeting venue. Meetings management is never an easy job.


We met up with some corporate meeting managers who are new to us, who described how they organize their last kick-off event and we were somewhat surprised by the amount of manual work, and human resources involved as a result of manually managing the registration data, the absence of a sound workflow to manage new attendees and changing attendee details. The key pain points as a result are dissatisfied internal stakeholders, who are often in senior management position. I actually empathise with the corporate meeting managers as their work is not easy in managing all these data and the expectation levels of bosses and fellow colleagues in the absence of a sound central registration system.

Meetings Management


To help event organisers who are planning their corporate kickoff events, I have the following recommendations:

Plan – Define the workflow on how the data get passed over from your nomination database, registration database, catering for new attendees, Visa checks, flight changes, BCP rules for flight distribution etc. (if you need help, we can assist you in defining the workflow)

 Manage – Define how you intend to manage the critical meeting data in one central system, that is available in both online and offline mode. Offline mode may be needed during on-site registration so an on-site server would be needed. Ask your meetings management software provider to provide one if they have not catered for it.

 Measure – How the relevant dashboards can be made easily available for management reporting. An example is shown below.


Meetings Management Dashboard

Typically, corporate kickoff also signifies the start of the financial year for most enterprises and it is important for the corporate meeting managers to start off the year on a good note, and create an optimal customer experience for the event attendees. So do remember to embark on the journey of plan, manage and measure for your next major corporate kick-off event.