Business Matching with GSI Connect



GSI Connect is an award-winning online Business Matching solution specifically tailored for conferences and exhibitions. GSI Connect effectively allows you to have an online social networking platform for your exhibitors/sellers, visitors/buyers, delegates, speakers using a Closed-User Group (CUG) platform to preserve the privacy of your conference community. GSI Connect also runs on our mobile platform, as part of GSI goMobile

GSI Connect Overview


Buyers/Sellers Listing

GSI Connect integrates seamlessly with our online registration products: GSI EMS and GSI Tickets. Our online registration products allows you to collect information about: sellers/exhibitors, buyers, delegates, speakers, trade visitors, etc...

GSI Connect integrates with these data and automatically builds a listing of your event's attendees. Registered users can then browse through the list and network with each other pre and post event. At the end of the day, with GSI Connect, you effectively provide your attendees with an online social network focused in the industry that your event is in!

Buyers/Sellers listing


Automated Business Matchmaking

Events are all about networking and discovering new customers, partners, distributors, etc... GSI Connect automates this process by making it easy for attendees to find each other. On top of providing a listing of the attendees, GSI Connect actually automatically recommends people/businesses to each other. 

As part of the registration process, attendees (buyers & sellers) are asked survey questions about the products and interests that they have. Our system intelligently uses all these profile information to build up a matchmake buyers to sellers, and vice-versa. This way you get to provide extra value to your conference and exhibition attendees!


Profile & Products Page

WIth the registration information collected through GSI EMS or GSI Tickets, GSI Connect automatically builds up dedicated profile pages for sellers (exhibitors) and buyers (delegates/trade visitors). Your delegates always have control over their privacy settings, with the ability to select whether they can choose to show their information on the business matching platform or not. 

Exhibitors have the option to even upload their products information (pictures, text, and marketing collaterals) on the system. As such, they can build up their product catalogue, which prospective buyers/partners can browse through. And this can happen even before your exhibition starts - as such providing more ROI to your exhibitors. 


Powerful Search

Finding the right partners and customers is key from an attendee's point-of-view. As such, GSI connect provides the relevant tools to make that as easy as possible. GSI Connect comes with powerful search tools. We have a Google-style one search box, where you just type some keywords of who you are looking for, and we'll just list down the results. Alternatively, we also provide more fine-grained search options, where you can search for, say, exhibitors carrying a specific product and having offices in your target country.

Powerful search


Appointment Scheduling

GSI Connect, your event's social networking platform, will typically be launched a couple of months prior to your event. GSI Connect gives attendees the power to make full use of the event event before the event starts. The Appointment Scheduling feature allows buyers and sellers to see each others' schedule during the event, and eventually request for appointments with each other. With GSI Connect, an exhibitor or trade visitor, can then setup a whole list of appointments with targeted businesses, and thus maximize their time during the event.

Appointment scheduling



As an organizer, you always need to justify the cost that exhibitors/delegates pay for attending your events. GSI Connect provides you (and your attendees) insights on the following:

  • Appointments setup during the event
  • Profile views 
  • Product downloads