GEVME is the cloud-based solution for your event marketing and management needs. Simplify your organizing processes by using key productivity tools available on a simple platform.

Go through the different stages of event management with everything you need in one place:

  • Start event pages easily.
  • Create a frictionless online registration experience.
  • Run responsive email marketing campaigns.
  • Make event onsite check-ins seamless.
  • Get feedback to craft better events in the future.

From start to finish, GEVME makes event management easy. Enhance the overall event planning and client experience.

Power your event experiences - anywhere, anytime.



Website Builder

Create attractive event landing pages easily

Realize your event websites with GEVME Website Builder and create event web pages online that are SEO-friendly and responsive.


Get up and running almost instantly

You don’t need to know how to code to create an event website. Enter your event details, a few more clicks and you are ready to receive registrations online.


Showcase your brand

Leaving a lasting impression is key to winning attendees over. Select the right styles and pick the best design elements to amaze visually. Before you know it, you’re out of tickets.


Make event information accessible

With your website online, attendees can easily refer to your event details and stay informed on the latest updates. Show them where the conversation’s at.


Keep track of your online site traffic

See where your registrations are coming from by connecting your Google Analytics profile. Understand what marketing channels are working for you to get the best registrations online.



Break your registration targets

GEVME Registration gives you the tools to enhance your registration process, opening up different ways to increase event revenue or simply get more ticket sales.

There’s a ticket for everyone

Boost event ticket sales by creating different ticket types for sale on your event website. Give your attendees the power to choose and get those sales targets. Better yet - run promotional codes or discounts that fit your marketing campaigns.


More to sales than meets the eye

Don’t just stop at tickets. Be it limited seats for workshops, break-out sessions or event merchandising, get creative with GEVME Registration to tap into other avenues of event revenue.


Integrate widgets for visibility and registrations

Connect with other websites and embed widgets for your events to increase ticket sales. Reach out to a larger audience base through relevant collaboration.


Gather strategic attendee data

Create smart registration form logic and pick out concrete information from your attendees, giving you more sales and marketing opportunities to expand on.


Email Marketing

Get your event content out there

Create email campaigns and choose when to send them out with GEVME Email Marketing. It’s all about timing - and targeted messaging.


Design beautiful emails easily

Simply drag and drop elements to build an effective email for your event marketing campaigns. Customize those same elements and maintain your event branding in your emails. 


Automate and plan ahead with a personal touch

Implement your email marketing campaigns way ahead of time through automation and focus on other aspects of your marketing strategies. Tap into your attendee data automatically and create personalized emails.


Reach out to those who missed out

Get back in touch with people who might have forgotten through event invitations or marketing promotions. Segment your attendee database with our event CRM and target your emails specifically for the best results. 


Track your path to success

View your email campaign statistics as a whole or individually, giving you actionable data to improve your future campaigns. Know what worked and what didn’t.



Simplify your check-in process

GEVME Onsite makes it easy for you to create a self check-in process for attendees and manage your onsite registrations. Leave your pen and paper in their packaging.


Say goodbye to queues at your events

Use QR codes and barcodes for scanning tickets, removing the need to search through data just to check an attendee in. Watch queue lines disappear before they even have the chance to build.


Give your onsite staff the best tools

Let your onsite staff handle the entire event experience through a computer or mobile device. Cut back on briefings and trainings to build on the experience - not the logistics.


Let your machines do the work for you

Use the power of automation and set up self check-in points for your attendees, freeing your manpower resources to focus on other event aspects.


Create event identities for your attendees

Design name badges that work with the branding of your events, providing information for attendees to network and start conversations.


Printing on demand

Have attendees collect their badges easily after check-in through our automated name badge printing process. Prevent unnecessary bulk printing before events and reduce costs for. Quality over quantiy.



Create networking opportunities

Connect your attendees with each other through GEVME Connect, an online messaging system with the right conditions for conversations.


Online event identities to connect

Give attendees the ability to create digital profiles for your events, bringing them closer together through identity and chat.


Analyze and understand attendee interactions

See how your attendees interact and facilitate a better networking experience for everyone. Learn from the past to build on future networking opportunities.



Find out what your attendees think

GEVME Survey allows you to create surveys and collect specific data from your attendees at any time during an event lifecycle.


Build your own forms from scratch

Be it a poll, feedback form or survey, create and design your own survey forms that tie in with your event marketing strategies. Collect the information you want for your event intelligence.


Paving the way for future success

Learn from your attendees through post-event responses that help you shape the future of your events. Build on their feedback and create event experiences that impress and last.


Understand what they want

Monitor your attendee responses through your surveys and anticipate their needs before the next event. Build your database and have a deeper understanding of the wants of your target audience for your events.