Online Event Management



Associations serve important purposes and provide value to the business, industry, trade or profession concerned and its members. They do this in several ways including commissioning research, upholding the ethics, principles and image of the business or profession, disseminating literature and newsletters, promoting knowledge and training. They also support the overall professional development of their members through a wide range of initiatives and programmes such as annual conferences, local/regional workshops, talks and self-paced instructional materials for individualised learning. Associations also organise many events and activities such as annual dinners, participating in exhibitions, hosting visiting delegations and organising study visits and tours.

Managing and operating an association can therefore be a complex and time consuming job with the many peaks of activities. And especially so because most associations have a small staff capacity and/or volunteers as office bearers who have to juggle between their own busy careers or businesses and the multi tasks of the Association.

This is why at GSI we have the ready and versatile solutions for you to manage all aspects of your association management tasks. GSI's association solutions will greatly ease your workload, reduce risks of errors and last minute harassments while also assist to reduce association overheads.

Our wide ranging specialist solutions include:

  • Event registration & admin management
  • Meetings and events management
  • Events calendar management
  • Database management
  • Membership development, management & communications
  • Marketing management
  • Newsletter management
  • Fees collection management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Publications & distribution management
  • Storage and inventory control
  • Travel tickets & hotel management
  • Reporting & reports management
  • Website Design, Implementation & Hosting
  • and more