Online Event Management

Business Matching


Exhibitions or trade fairs are a great platform to network and look for potential customers, distributors or business partners. Traditionally, the networking would only happen during the event. With GlobalSignIn's online business matching platform, organizers have the opportunity to setup and launch an online community prior to the event, where exhibitors and visitors can network and setup appointments during the event, thus managing their time more effectively during the course of the event.

Our business matching technology helps to automatically match exhibitors and visitors, buyers and sellers, speakers and delegates, based on their profiles. Our business matching platform can be adapted for any industry.

Our business matching is really an extension of our online registration solutions. Once exhibitors and visitors register online, our platform automatically collates and processes profiles, interests and activities information. With this compiled data, our platform is able to match people. The whole process is fully automated – in that you, as the organizer, do not have to do anything. Your exhibitors/visitors register online. They can then sign in online to view a list of the people/companies that they might be interested in.

Our business matching technology is packaged into our product: GSI Connect.


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