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An important part of the organization of any event is the constant and timely communication with your potential and confirmed attendees. Our Event Management System has an integrated email marketing platform that allows the organizer to blast Newsletters, Invites/RSVPs, Reminders, and any other types of promotional and marketing materials.

As such, using our integrated Email Marketing platform you can send out:

  • Invitation email to select group of people
  • Newsletters to people in your mailing list
  • Reminders to registered list of people
  • Confirmation emails (e.g. flight or hotel booking confirmation emails)
  • Promotional emails doing cross-marketing of products or services
  • Birthday / festival greetings

GSI’s email marketing tool is not just like any other email blasting software out there. Because the email tool is integrated, you have the possibility to do much more when sending out emails. You are able to easily send out personalized emails to a group of people based on specific filter criteria. For example, you are able to send out a personalized registration confirmation email containing hotel rooming and flight details to a group of people that are being hosted for a certain event.

What’s more is that GSI provides you with a wide array of beautiful and professionally designed email templates. GSI’s email sending technology ensures that your emails get send out safely into your recipients’ inbox – and not their spam folder! GSI also provides you with tracking tools to help you measure the effectiveness of the email campaigns that you are sending out.


Beautiful email templates

With GlobalSignIn's email marketing tool, you can expect to send out beautiful, professionally designed emails. As a client of GSI, you will have access to our wide array of custom designed, beautiful templates.

Here are a few samples of the EDMs that have been designed by our creative team:

Beautiful email templates

Integration of Recipient List with Registration Data

One of the main benefits of GSI’s email tool is that it’s completely integrated with the online registration data. As such, when sending out emails, you are able to do personalization based on any fields that you have in your database.

The total integration with registration information also gives you the opportunity to blast out emails to specific groups of people only. GSI provides you with the tools to set specific criteria before sending out an email.


Increase Email Deliverability Rate

There is a big difference when sending an email to a large group of people using Outlook (or any other email clients), and when using GlobalSignIn’s email blasting technology. For one thing, GSI makes sure your emails are sent out fast. GSI also ensures that your emails get delivered safely into your recipients’ inbox. Email getting trapped as spam is a big problem these days. GlobalSignIn has implemented cutting-edge technology, which ensures high deliverability rate of emails.

For the technically inclined:
GSI’s email blasting technology implements Yahoo DomainKeys, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Sender ID. These are email authentication standards which helps differentiate between valid emails and spam.

More technical information:
DomainKeys, SPF, and Sender ID differ in technical specification but share the end-goal of minimizing the forgery of email messages. DomainKeys is a cryptographic-based authentication technology developed by Yahoo, in which signatures are inserted into every message allowing receivers to verify the original sender and guarantee that the message’s content has not been altered while in transmission.
Sender ID and SPF are IP-based authentication methods which verify that every email is truly from the Internet domain from which it claims to have been sent. This is done by checking the address of the server sending the mail against a registered list of servers that the domain owner has allowed email to be sent from. This makes it easy to stop most forged "From" addresses in email, helping to counter simple spoofing to complex phishing attacks.


Email Tracking & Reports

GlobalSignIn provides solid tools to help monitor the effectiveness of an email campaign, which has been sent out. GlobalSignIn automatically tracks all the emails, which are sent out. As such, for all of the emails that you sent out through GSI, you are able to keep track of:

  • Number of people who read your email
  • Number of people who are intersted in your products (because they clicked on links in the email)
  • Number of people who unsubscribed from your email
  • Number of emails which bounced back

To make this statistics more easily accessible and understandable, GSI provides nice graphs for you to visualize the email statistics.


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