Online Event Management

Exhibitor E-Manual


Our E-Manual solution allows organizers, exhibitors and contractors for a show to work together in real-time. The GSI E-Manual simplifies the entire management and administration of organizer and exhibitor requirements from pre to post event cycles. It also serves as an important reminder tool for adhering to critical timelines/dates or deadlines.

We have built into our user-oriented and dynamic E-Manual system, individual exhibitor login ID and password with automatic trigger mechanisms to not only remind exhibitors of order deadlines but also for organizers needs for real-time summary and total reporting  so as to remove the administrative hassles that plague organising activities and burden staff further to making them prone to errors due to last minute rush activities. Now both organizers and exhibitors and their staff can save man-hours and have peace of mind knowing that they can work productively and hassle free and focus on event strategies and marketing as well as enjoy their exhibition, conference or event experiences.

Our E-Manual platform is used by the 3 main parties in the following way:

  • Exhibitors – to submit forms for all services required
  • Exhibition organizer – to generate reports to see all the services requested by the exhibitors
  • Contractors – to have exact details of services required by exhibitors

GSI makes it possible for individual contractors (freight forwarders, security agencies, cleaning services companies, hall owners and so on) to be automatically notified of any requests from exhibitors. Contractors are also notified of changes that exhibitors may have.


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