Online Event Management



We are doing projects with many Government Agencies (eg: Prime Minister's Office, President's Office, Ministry of Education, Ministry of National Development, Energy Market Authority, PUB, NUH, …). This is because we have already developed a keen understanding of the exact requirements and standards required for their in-house to mega projects from websites to National Day Rallies. We see through in-depth the complete requirements including presentation and end-user effects to ensure that these software solutions provide the best results and user satisfaction. The massive preparations required for mega projects are also viewed with a fine eye for details so that the project has the convenience of being operated with simplicity and ease no matter how complex the situation.

Our software solutions provide for all inevitabilities and are custom designed and configured to enable top performance as well as security. Government organisation and statutory boards need very comprehensive and yet flexible event management software solutions and we can tailor the integrated solutions that provide maximum satisfaction and results such as the following:

  • Creative Design Services
  • Website Design, Implementation, Hosting
  • Online Registration
  • Event Management Solutions
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development