Online Event Management

Online Registration


The registration process is the most critical part of a pre-event process, especially when payment is involved. Our online registration solutions strive to make this process as smooth as possible so that you can focus on other organizing aspects of your event.

Over the years, we have built a range of specialized tools that cater for specific registration needs of the MICE industry:

  • GSI EMS - A robust platform catering for customized and complex registration forms
  • GSI Tickets - A simple but powerful tool to manage, promote, and sell tickets for your event
  • GSI E-Manual - An exhibition-specific product that provides exhibitors a platform to submit marketing and operations forms
  • GSI Connect - A business matching platform collecting and publishing profile information of exhibitors, delegates, trade visitors and speakers


GSI EMS - Customized and complex registration forms 

GSI EMS is a robust event management platform that is trusted and used by leading Government bodies and event organizers alike. GSI EMS allows you to create fully customized and complex registration forms. GSI EMS can effectively be used for almost any type of online registration forms - even those requiring complex business logic and flow functions.  

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GSI Tickets - Simple registration forms to sell tickets for your events

GSI Tickets is a simple but powerful tool used to manage, promote, and sell tickets for events, meetings, seminars, conferences, classes, fairs, etc... With GSI Tickets, an event organizer can create simple registration forms to collect customized information from attendees. To make things easy to setup, GSI Tickets comes with ready-made forms that event organizers can simply choose from and use.  

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GSI E-Manual - Exhibitor marketing and operations forms

GSI E-Manual is a product built specifically for exhibitions. With GSI E-Manual, organizers have a convenient platform where exhibitors can login to submit and ammend their all requests regarding their marketing and operations needs for the exhibition. GSI E-Manual comes with pre-defined forms for various exhibition needs. These forms can, of course, be customized on an exhibition basis. 

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GSI Connect - Collect and publish exhibitors, delegates, trade visitors and speaker profiles

GSI Connect is a social networking platform for your conferences and exhibitions. GSI Connect publishes (privately) information about your exhibitors, delegates, trade visitors and speakers. GSI Connect provides the platform to register all the relevant information from the different parties involved.   

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