Online Event Management

Seating Management


If you are managing a big, high profile seated event such as a congress, rally, awards ceremony or dinner programme, you may get daunted by the prospect of juggling seating protocols and special requests from attendees, with some coming at the eleventh hour! The higher the profile of the event, the higher the stress level that goes into managing the seats, especially when you are dealing with high-level Government officials, VIPs and/or celebrities. 

GSI EMS comes with an optional module that allows event organizers to manage guests allocated seats through a very easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. The whole application is online. So, that means you can have different colleagues working on the same seating plan at the same time. No more sharing of Excel files to manage seats. With our seating management module, you basically have the whole seating plan of your event, and you simply drag a guest and drop him to a particular seat to assign him/her to that seat. It is that easy!

Our seating management technology automatically keeps track of seating conflict for you, such that if another colleague of yours is also assigning guests to seats, we ensure that there will never be 2 people booked on the same seat. No more double booking - ever.

Our seating module is highly customizable in that it can cater for any seating arrangement that you might have. But, we also go one step further, and we can actually automate the whole seating allocation process. If you do not wish to allocate guests to seats one by one, we can actually put in your criterias in allocating seats into the system, and at one click of a button you can how thousands of guests automatically assigned their own individual seats. 


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