Singapore International Water Week


Founded in 2008 by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and PUB, the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is a global platform for water solutions that brings policymakers, industry leaders, experts and practitioners together to address challenges, showcase technologies, discover opportunities and celebrate achievements in the water world.

The Business Challenge

In 2008, SIWW was a whole new event, that aimed to establish itself as a global platform for water solutions. Marketing the event effectively was of key importance, and the event website was seen as one of the main channels to disseminate information about SIWW. The website, however, had to be very dynamic and allow for updates to be done quickly and efficiently.

SIWW comprises of different types of events: paid conferences open for the public, conferences open for invited guests only, exhibitions, networking events, site visits, and more. The delegates registration for all the events was managed by the same operations team. And all the events had their own specific sets of requirements. Managing payment from delegates and making sure all information was accurate was of utmost importance.

The Solution

SIWW engaged GSI's services at a time when their previous vendor could not support the very frequent updates to the website and the complex online registration requirements for all the events.

GSI came into the picture and deployed a range of solutions for SIWW:

Interactive Web Portal
GSI redesigned the website to effectively convey the event's brand image and identity, and developed an interactive web portal powered by a CMS. This allowed the website to be updated quickly and on-demand

New Media Integration
GSI deployed a whole range of New Media platforms for SIWW: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, RSS, Podcast.

Email Newsletter
GSI worked with the SIWW team to design and implement a regular HTML-based e-Newsletter. GSI then used its mass email blasting tool to send the newsletter to thousands of subscribers.

Online Registration
GSI leveraged on its online registration platform to develop customized online registration forms for all of the events. The online forms allowed group registrations to be done, and automated many processes which was traditionally done manually. The SIWW operations team then logs in to the GSI Backend to manage all the delegates' information.

Online Payment & Invoicing System
To facilitate the process of collecting payment from delegates, GSI integrated an online credit card payment option in all the registration forms. And for those who wished to pay offline by cheque, for example, GSI's system automatically sent the respective delegates an automated PDF invoice.

Business Matching Platform
GSI implemented an online business matching platform for SIWW which provided delegates and exhibitors a Social Networking environment where they can login to view who's attending the event(s) and to schedule appointments prior to coming down for the event.

The Results

The SIWW website is today the main marketing channel for the event, and the Social Networking initiatives, for example SIWW's Facebook Page, have helped create an active online community around SIWW.

The online registration solutions that GSI implemented greatly helped in automating processes and has helped SIWW keep the operations team lean, but still very efficient.

GSI has been working with SIWW since 2008. Impressed with GSI's commitment and professional service level in delivering the project, in 2010, SIWW awarded GlobalSignIn a further multi-year contract.