Exhibitor Management with GSI E-Manual



The GSI E-Manual is a platform for exhibitions that allows seamless management of Exhibitor's Manual (Marketing and Operations forms) online.


GSI E-Manual - Overview


Management of Exhibitors

  • Online registration form for exhibitors
  • Ability to import exhibitors database from Excel (for those being processed offline)
  • Ability to selectively approve exhibitors and send personalized E-Manual Invitation email to exhibitors

GSI E-Manual - Management Exhibitors


Exhibitor Unique Login Page

  • Login Page for Exhibitors
  • Single Sign-On
  • Exhibitors use the same username and password to access:
    • Registration Page (to page changes)
    • E-Manual System

Landing Page

  • Customizable Landing Page
    • Quick Links to Key Info
    • Venue Info
    • General Info
    • Rules & Regulations
    • Etc…
  • News Section
  • Forms broken down into
    • Marketing Section
    • Operations Section

GSI E-Manual


Marketing / Operations Section

  • Listing of Forms
    • Compulsory Form
    • Optional Form
  • Short description of each form
  • Deadline shown up-front
  • 1-Click Submit
  • 1-Click "Not Applicable" button

GSI E-Manual - Marketing and Operations section


Form Submitting Features

  • Exhibitors can submit forms by clicking on submit button
  • If any form is not applicable, exhibitors have option to press on Not Applicable
    • If exhibitors change their mind, they still have the option to Re-Submit the Form
  • Exhibitors can still access submitted forms before the deadline, by clicking on View/Ammend Submitted Form

GSI E-Manual - Form Submitting


Example 1: Electrical Service Form

  • Ability for exhibitors to order specific electrical services
    • Individual Fittings
    • Connection to Light Fittings
    • Heavy Demand Exhibit or Machines
  • Upon form submission, confirmation email (with details of order) sent to 3 parties:
    • Exhibitor
    • Contractor
    • Event Organizer (optional)

GSI E-Manual - Electrical Service Form


Example 2: Directory Listing Form

  • Online submission for Directory Listing
  • Ability to enforce maximum number of words for write-up
  • Upload of logo
  • Data can be automatically linked on Online Business Matching platform
  • Data can be exported to Word Document format in format required by printer to print event guide

GSI E-Manual - Directory Listing Form