Virtual Expo with GSI



Expand your Event Reach with Virtual Expo

Virtual Expo allows an event organiser to effectively reach out to a global audience via online engagement over a longer period of time. With event attendees getting more selective over which event to physically attend, virtual expo provides a great avenue to reach out to time-scarce event attendees.


Smart Search

GSI’s Virtual Expo Smart Search allows users to filter their search by categories, geography or any other parameters defined by the event owner. The users can also do a global search, before narrowing the results further by filters, such as by exhibitors, products or parameters defined by the event owner.


Smart Explore

Smart Explore allows the virtual attendee to have a bird’s eye view of all the product or service categories defined by the event owner, via a floating panel. Each product or service panel is intelligently linked to companies providing product or services in the defined category. Virtual attendees can explore the possibilities and results by adding or unclicking chosen categories associated with their exploration.


Virtual Product Catalogue with Smart Filter

Virtual attendees can also browse the showcase via the Virtual Product Catalogue. Using a virtual photo gallery, each photo will represent a specific product on show. The virtual product catalogue can be further filtered by product categories, as defined by the event owner.


Virtual Bookmarking

Virtual attendees can personalize their experience by virtual bookmarking the exhibitors or products that they are interested in, and return at their own convenience to further pursue their interest in the exhibitor or product that they have previously bookmarked. This allows retention and encourage repeat visitors to the Virtual Expo.


Virtual Exhibitor Showcase

Product brochures download and product information are also made available to encourage engagement with the virtual attendees with dedicated contact button for direct engagement with the exhibitor for lead generation.